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This comic is based on Back to the Future II. In this movie, the character Biff Tannen steals the time machine, which is the main plot device, and uses it to go back in time from 2015 to 1955. He then gives Marty McFly's sports almanac, containing the outcomes of 50 years (1950-2000) worth of sporting events, to his own younger self True, but the reason the sought after person is presumed to be a woman is because it is implied that Cueball is motivated by love and xkcd's typical depiction of romantic love is heterosexual. It is, of course, certainly possible that the person sought after is loved in a non-romantic sense, but romantic love seemed most plausible to me. This was the reason for the sentence It is not explicitly made clear whether the loved one in question is a woman with whom he is in love, a.

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Back to the Future is the 102nd xkcd comic. Explanation [edit | edit source] because he say that he really do what he need to do and she tell to him that his father was in the 9/11 terrorist atack Mouseover text [edit | edit source] He's kind of an asshole, when you think about it See also [edit | edit sourc For future reference, Kronf himself moved the template to the lowercase title to make this work. Waldir 18:01, 1 May 2013 (UTC) Dates . The dates for comics 12 and 5 can be deduced from the dates of the adjacent comics - they're all 2005-09-30. We can also make a jab at guessing that comic number 36 is between 2005-10-28 and 2005-10-26. Those comments in the source annoy me, and I wish them gone. We could also jump on the XKCD forums and see if they know anything, but the relative dates.

XKCD on the Future Self This morning's XKCD, Latitude, spells out one of the reasons people will be weary of setting up continuous location trackers: the future self. The future self forgets that they are sharing their location and then act as if no one knows where they are goin https://m.xkcd.com/102/: xkcd: Back to the Future; https://m.xkcd.com/103/: xkcd: Moral Relativity; https://m.xkcd.com/104/: xkcd: Find You; https://m.xkcd.com/105/: xkcd: Parallel Universe; https://m.xkcd.com/106/: xkcd: Wright Brothers; https://m.xkcd.com/107/: xkcd: Snakes on a Plane! 2; https://m.xkcd.com/108/: xkcd: M.C. Hammer Slid Randall Munroe posted an interactive xkcd comic yesterday that's a video game called Hoverboard. I played it for a short time, but I gave up because I was busy (it's Thanksgiving week, after all). I do like how encouraging it is: Once I got the result You got 0 coins in three seconds. You successfully avoided all the coins! Heh. Then today, I see that the opening screen is just a tiny part of a massive game world you can explore if you take the time. If you're. This used to be called XKCD: Overrated, but then it fell from just being overrated to being just horrible. Thus, xkcd sucks. Here is a comic about me that Ann made. It is my favorite thing in the world ; XKCD is a beloved, online nerd comic that primarily involves esoteric jokes about physics and math with a healthy dose of snark. But that's not all these humble stick figures provide. They can also offer valuable insight and lessons into some of the finer complications of planning.

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The Doomsday argument is an argument, purely from probability theory, that purports to show that humanity will probably go extinct sometime within the roughly foreseeable future, possibly less than one thousand years. It is extremely controversial, both in professional and lay circles.. Of tanks and humans []. The argument has its roots in the German tank problem, which was the attempt by the xkcd cartoon. User:DavidWBrooks reverted this with the comment: The problem is, there's an XKCD cartoon for 50 percent of WP articles - just like there's a simpsons reference. That appears strange, since WP has at present about 3.700.000 articles. I would therefore expect about 1.850.000 xkcd cartoons to exist. In fact there are 928, which I am. USA Viagra xkcd airport Solutions. Sugar Blues by William DuffyMiracle Medicine Foods by Rex AdamsBreast Cancer: A Nutritional Approach by Carlton. More details. A polished collection of the absolutely funniest and overall best XKCD comics to date covering topics such as dinosaurs, love, and general geekery! Hover text for each comic is included Two videos that everyone should watch, explaining why the theat model for radiation shown in the XKCD chart is wrong. The speakers are Professor Chris Busby (European Committee on Radiation Risk) and Doctor Jack Valentin (former Scientific Secretary of the International Commission on. xkcd explainer provides detailed explanations to any xkcd comic, and displays it below the image for easy access. It automatically takes explanations from the explain xkcd wiki, and parses the wiki markup into HTML. Currently, the following formats are available: - Headings & Subheadings - Bold & Italics - Bullet and sub-bullet points - Internal links (within the explain xkcd wiki) - Wikipedia

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Showing only topics with the tag xkcd. Back to normal view. Internet Archive ~comp Link. 14 comments. xkcd.com January 24, 2019. 21 votes xkcd 2044: Sandboxing Cycle ~comp. security ; Link. 11 comments. xkcd.com September 10, 2018. 37 votes XKCD Mario - A playable XKCD Mario level ~games Link. 2 comments. natejenkins.ch August 28, 2018. 15 votes If there were a kind of a fireman's pole from. XKCD, Cohorts And Age Effects by Marc Handelman on December 4, 2018. via the comic delivery system monikered Randall Munroe at XKCD!. Exposures Age effects (ie, physiology), period of diagnosis effects (ie, changes in diagnostics and clinical awareness), and birth cohort effects (ie, environmental risk factors) over time were assessed. Main. OH RIGHT THAT WAS XKCD, BACK WHEN IT DIDN'T SUCK WITH THE FERCIOUS POWER OF 2000 VACCUUM CLEANERS AND 8 BLACK HOLES. it was right here. It was a good comic! It made fun of the whole idea that it is a good idea to talk to strangers. It made you think it was going to do that preachy shit but then it didn't. Ahhh, the good old days... 7. I'm sorry. XKCD should be back to normal after that 826: Guest Week: Zach Weiner (SMBC) Hall of Misunderstood Science . Each exhibit is a display set up to reinforce the false, sarcastic, or exaggerated answers to typical questions that children may ask their parents about scientific topics. The answers given involve just enough information that the child may be satisfied with the answer and. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to. A precise 28-hour day schedule is really hard to stick to, so sometimes it was just an average of 28 hours per day over the course of the week, with individual days varying 28-Hour Day is the 320th xkcd comic Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search. Some Hello. I found this article looking for 28 hour day because I live in this way although I sometimes stay awake.

Well, whatever the reason, it's good to see xkcd back to its usual self! 6:30pm as a result, he will be less inclined to work on his usual projects in the future, continuing only to draw his money-maker, xkcd. I dismissed this post entirely, under the naive notion that xkcd can't get any shittier, but boy was I wrong. All I'll say is that these circumstances must be more serious than. Access exclusive research and insights on the future of employee benefits. Case Studies . Learn how ALEX makes benefits engagement a breeze for HR teams and consultants. About Us. Careers. We're hiring—see all of our open positions. Our Team. Get to know the people behind ALEX. Get A Demo Sign In. How to Explain, Part 2: Simplify. Melanie Chapman. Explaining. We all have to do it. In our. Back Follow ing XKCD: It's more than a comic XKCD: It's more than a comic. Go To. Forums; Webcomics; GO . Prev 873 874 875 page 875 of 875. Redmess Redmess from Netherlands Redmess Jun 18th 2021 at 9:44:20 AM. If they had not overdesigned their press that much so they could have sold it cheaply, then they conceivably could have sold it as a juicer for the elderly who have trouble pressing. Date/Time of Last Update: Tue Jun 22 12:00:25 2021 UTC ********** HEALTH ********** return to top Amazon Prime Day 2021: 29 Best Outdoor and Fitness Deals (Camping.

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YOU can buy the two new Tom the Dancing Bug books, Tom the Dancing Bug: Into the Trumpverse, and The Super-Fun-Pak Comix Reader! Information here The xkcd cartoon FILE TRANSFER sums up the situation nicely. I recently discovered the command line utility croc, which the author claims is a way to 'easily and securely transfer stuff from one computer to another.' I thought I'd give it a try, if only to have another tool to fall back on in an emergency. It does rely on both ends having croc installed, but hopefully that should not be. This is here for future reference. Top. Retiarius Posts: 1020 Joined: Tue Jul 01, 2008 10 :09 pm Location: Muskegon, Michigan, USA. XKCD Hidden Gem. Post by Retiarius » Mon May 02, 2011 6:02 pm The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there's no good reason to go into space—each discovered, studied and.

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Schnell und einfach Preise vergleichen zu Back To The Future 4 2 von geprüften Onlineshops. Hier findest du dein Lieblingsprodukt zum günstigsten Preis. Jetzt vergleichen & sparen 800: Beautiful Dream - explain xkcd . Posts Tagged 'xkcd' Back on Track Posted: November 9, 2011 in Reality I've gotten back on track with my dream journal lately and have several dreams ready to be written up. Actually this seems like a good time to document my method of dream retention. I keep my iPhone on the nightstand next to my bed. When I wake up and have a dream still in my mind I try. Xkcd Duty Calls - Download. Xkcd Tumblr - Download. Xkcd Language Isn T A Formal System Language Is Glorious - Download. 435 Purity Explain Xkcd - Download. Randall Munroe Quote It S Tempting To Just Write A Comic - Download. 1274 Open Letter Explain Xkcd - Download. Xkcd Comic Pokes Fun At Seeing The Golden Ratio In Random - Download. Xkcd 896. If no photographs are possible, emoji may be substituted Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Title text: If a wild bun is sighted, a nice gesture of respect is to send a 'BUN ALERT' message to friends and family, with photographs documenting the bun's location and rank. If no photographs are possible, emoji may be substituted Good morning. xkcd, sometimes styled XKCD, is a webcomic created in 2005 by American author Randall Munroe. The comic's tagline describes it as A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Munroe states on the comic's website that the name of the comic is not an initialism, but just a word with no phonetic pronunciation.. The subject matter of the.

xkcd sucks [a] vitriolic and bitter collection of unwarranted nastiness about a silly and harmless comic. Tuesday, December 30, 2008. Comic 524: Wuzzle Wazzle. Oh how far we've come, from passing a meme along to pretending to be over it. There are a few humor eggs nestled together here, let's pick apart the yolks for starters: -Mr. Hat hired Rick Astley to do some mischief! Not a bad start. Image credit: xkcd. Back. It. Up. This past October, I spilled a travel mug of tea all over my keyboard of my Mac, which then proceeded to turn itself on and off, until it turned itself off and was unresponsive. I put it in rice, and brought it into tech services, who were fortunately able to resuscitate my poor baby. Since then, I've been backing up my hard drive once or twice a week. All.

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I'm using my own bespoke abbreviations which are explained in the Glossary. Some Initial Thoughts: I'm not a fan. But I'm not not a fan either if you see. I've enjoyed the books, films, video games and so forth but there is plenty wrong with the man, his world and his cultural impact on ours. The trick to enjoying the back-catalogue today, I think, is to admire the wit, the style and the. Upon explaining my interest in researching graduate student mothers, her eyes lit up! She was so excited as she described that one of her colleagues started a graduate mother support group on her campus. A group of graduate mothers would meet at a local coffee shop and would write for 45 minutes uninterrupted. Once the time expired, they would share their writing and support each other with. The end of the pole near the Moon would be pulled toward the Moon by the Moon's gravity, and the rest of it would be pulled back. Compiling. from $19.00 Correlation. $21.00 Exoplanets Shirt. $20.00 Flying Ferret Tank Top. from $19.00 Greek Letter Shirt. $42.00 Hat Guy Polo. $40.00

In XKCD 356, reproduced below, we are introduced to the idea of nerd sniping, which is the act is the act of presenting a particular type of person with an interesting puzzle/problem that causes them to drop everything else they are doing to work on it.It's called nerd sniping, but I've seen it happen to most creative people, from artists to engineers to mathematicians . Infinite Grid of. I'm not trying to get my money back cause i know it's long gone. I just wanna make sure that my accounts are 100% secure for future. And what measures should take to completely secure my devices. I have already made a clean windows set-up on my PC and I'll perform factory reset on my smartphone. I have changed my IP address also. I know the best solution is a hardware wallet but don't have the.

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  1. To empty the hole, you have to add energy back in - by definition, more than you get back out. Bonds with oxygen are also very strong, but they're *just* weak enough that clever bacteria evolved a way to use sunlight to break those bonds and form free oxygen. The energy is free, provided by the Sun, and very plentiful. But sunlight isn't powerful enough to break fluorine bonds, so there's no.
  2. I may or may not have gotten annoyed as all hell and posted an article explaining asexuality and telling why it should be included after almost every comment. Edit: I went back and read all of the comments and there were a decent amount of people defending us, which made me feel better. pantsdude1007 3 weeks ago. Oh that was you? Mad respect. secretkpopper1998 3 weeks ago. Awesome .
  3. Actually because an empty board has lots of symmetry lots of moves are equivalent from each other (eg: all four corners are just rotations of each other). This reduces the number of first moves to 55. Of course, unless if both players are playing symmetrically this quickly goes back up to 350+ after 3 or 4 moves
  4. I've been telling everyone whose asked me about what are the good cryptos to buy into, I always mention to them ADA had a bright future with gains for years to come. I do explain that I'm bullish with Ada. Thanks to cashing in my ETC before the major dip it's going through, I was able to secure just under 8
  5. igames and for them to be gone after 2 weeks. Don't let yourself be caught in the meta.
  6. To relate it directly back to the 3 doors - If I have 3 cards, 2 black aces and a red ace, and tell you to blindly pick the red ace, you will have one card, and I will have the other 2 cards. I would have a 67% chance of having the red ace as I have 2/3 cards (and 100% chance that at least one of the 2 cards I have is a black ace), and you would have a 33% chance of having the red ace as you.
  7. The xkcd cartoon FILE TRANSFER sums up the situation nicely. I recently discovered the command line utility croc, which the author claims is a way to 'easily and securely transfer stuff from one computer to another.' I thought I'd give it a try, if only to have another tool to fall back on in an emergency. It does rely on both ends having.

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What is much less simple to define is the constituent terms: sequence and events. Accordingly, schools of narrative theory have conceptualized events and their connection to sequentiality from radically divergent vantage points, ranging from defining the varied shapes of the sequence, their value at a semantic level, with regard to events' salience to the overall plot, their relationship. Many times, we as writers, believe (as the talk explains) that there is a point A and a point B and traveling from one point to another we may become lost and go back and forth with ourselves about how to get back on track to point B. Often times writers describe writer's block and not being able to get through it or finding themselves stuck in a particular place. Whatever negative. Oh and Thing Explainer, where he explains things using only the 1000 most common words . VampireQueenDespair 2 weeks ago. Also Randall is smarter than at least 7 billion currently living people. Combined. Genuinelytricked 2 weeks ago. Can confirm. Am one of seven billion people. madmaxturbator 2 weeks ago. There's are 2472 comics + he explores a lot of stuff we discuss on Reddit. ∎.

On your machines, you get the performance, gitignore, etc. features of the new search program, and on restricted servers, it'll just fall back. ----- :evaned: > I'll explain the reason for my downvote. I'll explain the reason for *my* downvote: that's a bad reason to downvote. (I decided to not actually do so, just making a point. I did upvote your parent though, because I *do* actually think. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: ---Family-owned KRONE is a market leader in commercial vehicles and agricultural engineering. Its product portfolio in its commercial vehicle business division includes curtainsiders, refrigerated and dry freight semitrailers, container chassis, swap body systems, trailers and CEP (courier, express and parcel) vehicles I still think that Roxie and the owner might be siblings to explain Roxie's outbursts towards his behavior (and Damien not being phased by her words). Given that English is not Didi's first language, it is quite possible that she does not know the word grappling. English has one of the highest number of words among world languages, and yet, the majority of English speakers use only about 700. Be careful about that. I kept a flashlight in my cupholder to shine in my mirrors back at people who had super-bright headlights. I shined it back at someone in an H1 who had karen-needs-to-see-into-the-future xenons and they tried to run me off the road Really make her take a step back and think. Just because she and her coworkers are allegedly fine right now doesn't mean they will be in the years to come. Explain to her she has made her choices in life and this is a choice you will be making in your life. You have an immune system and you plan to rely on it. Stand your ground and really make her think. Good luck. Stand your ground it's.

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  1. Date/Time of Last Update: Tue Jun 22 09:00:27 2021 UTC ********** ENTERTAINMENT ********** return to top Gillmor Gang: Who Knew Tue, 22 Jun 2021 05:38:14 +0000 The Gillmor Gang r
  2. Then come back to my desk and type up all the user feedback in that excel file. I did as I was shown in the 1st month. From the next month I made an online form for which I can just share the link on the company's group chat and I will get all the feedback straight in an online spreadsheet. I requested management to do it this way. My request was denied. So what I did was opened the form on my.
  3. The Way We Interact With Computers Sucks. # You are on a page that is a heavy work in progress. I don't necessarily stand by anything I've written here and this page should effectively be considered not yet published. I have decided to put it up while it is in development to encourage contributions What do you see when you sit down to work? My guess is a desk pressed against a wall, maybe.

Date/Time of Last Update: Tue Jun 22 12:00:25 2021 UTC ********** TECHNOLOGY ********** return to top A U.S.-Mexico Pledge to End Disappearances Fails to Grapple With the Complic Date/Time of Last Update: Tue Jun 22 12:00:25 2021 UTC ********** ENTERTAINMENT ********** return to top Hamburger-flipping robotics company Miso introduces an. A community of over 30,000 software developers who really understand what’s got you feeling like a coding genius or like you’re surrounded by idiots (ok, maybe both You can believe a company is bad and has no future but still be long if you think it'll attract a strong bid. If retail wsb and similar is going to get a consistent bid, and that's going to snowball, why not buy during the start of the meme cycle when risk is low and exit is easy if wrong? So yeah, wsb valid place for ideas To trade. Less so to invest.I think your bid then sell before. Location: Cair Paravel, according to XKCD. Posts: 32,592 Originally Posted by ems. Relativity is right a priori and can be proven only by complicated experiments that cannot be repeated independently, everything else is wrong because is wrong absolutely. As somebody once said, 'More lies.' Dave _____ There is truth and there are lies. - President Joseph R. Biden, January 20th, 2021 Yesterday.

In order to vote, comment or post rants, you need to confirm your email address. You should have received a welcome email with a confirm link when you signed up. If you can't fin Location: Cair Paravel, according to XKCD. Posts: 32,587 Originally Posted by ems. Relativity is right a priori and can be proven only by complicated experiments that cannot be repeated independently, everything else is wrong because is wrong absolutely. As somebody once said, 'More lies.' Dave _____ There is truth and there are lies. - President Joseph R. Biden, January 20th, 2021 Yesterday.

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